CV/ Resume
You upload your CV/ Resume and “like” the job offers that appeal to you.
Within 3 days, we will respond you and answer all your questions, guiding you through the job search to start working ASAP.
We prepare your CV/resume with an appropriate video for the potential employer and we help you to select the work contract. after payment has been made to the program, we gather and submit documents for your visa
Preparing for the flight
We search for the tickets, help you pack your suitcase and understand the foreign culture.
Getting to work
You take a flight and meet your assistant, move into apartment, familiarize yourself with the job and colleagues, and finally, enjoy your work!
Top 9 FAQ
  • Is it necessary for me to have a degree in education to work as an English teacher in China?
    You do not need to have a degree to take part in the program “English Teacher in China”. The main requirements are a good level of English without a strong accent and a willingness to teach in a school or kindergarten.
  • Will I be picked up upon arrival?
    We pick every teacher up. Every employee will be provided with an English-speaking assistant to help you buy a SIM card, open a bank account, exchange the currency, etc.
  • Do I have to know Chinese to work as an English teacher in China?
    You do not have to know how to speak Chinese to teach English. The whole point of this program is that the teacher does not speak to children in their native language.You will get an assistant teacher in case you have some problem speaking with little children. The older children will be able to speak to you in English and understand you.
  • How much money do I need?
    The costs involved in our program include the following: visa processing, one-way ticket, some cash before you get your first salary. Roughly you will need $1,500 – 1,800. Housing will be provided free of charge by your employer.
  • Are there any age restrictions in the program?
    To become an English teacher in China, you must be 20 to 40 years old, although there are exceptions. If you do not fall into the age group mentioned and still interested, please contact us.
  • Can I have a side job working as an English teacher?
    Sure you can! Whatever your job is in China, we recommend you to take a second job, as a tutor, for instance. It is always a great chance to meet new people and make more money.
  • What is the difference between teaching English in a school and kindergarten?
    In kindergarten you will be dealing with very young children for wich you will have to use games, songs, flashcards and story-telling. The children might experience difficulty in understanding you, but there always will be a Chinese assistant teacher to help you outIn secondary school you will be teaching grammar and more complicated vocabulary. It is usually easier for these students to understand you and communicate with you in English.
  • Can I go to China with my friend/spouse and work at the same place?
    You can go to China together, but it is unlikely that you will work at the same place. We can find you a job in the same city and help you to share the accommodations, but you might work in different schools.
  • Will I have a vacation during my contract in China?
    Every teacher working in China will have a vacation during the school holidays. There are summer and winter holidays in China. The New Year holidays generally last for 2-3 weeks, the summer holidays are 4-6 weeks depending on a school or kindergarten. If you start working at the beginning of the term, you will have only one vacation, and if you start in the middle of the term, you will have two.
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