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Chengdu, China
China is an amazing country
China is an amazing country with its own history. I'm so grateful that the stories of my friends have inspired me to visit one of the most interesting cities of China - Chengdu. Today is exactly a month since I've plunged into the atmosphere of peacefulness, melodic dances and delicious traditional food. China is a big economically developed country and I haven't known much about it before! I made new friends here, improved my English and I'm ready to set on a unique trip around whole China to see its multiple beautiful places. If you hadn't visited this country before, don't waste your time! Make the first step in the new adventure!
New York City, USA
The Greatest Change of Your Life

The hardest part of any project you can ever create in life will always be the beginning; at least to my current experience. The fear of the first step, the countless “what if” questions, figuring out what would happen after: these are the things that’ll forever prevent you from following your dreams, or at times, simply trying something new. But today, I’m here to bring you light to your darkness of doubts.


Five years ago I came on a Study Abroad program from my previous university, traveled China for a month and I was completely astonished and in love with this new foreign atmosphere, their complicated language, and their beautiful form of being. But, for the next five years I stood sitting where you’re sitting now. Five years of continuously telling myself that it would be a dream to return to China and at least attempt to live here for a year, I failed, by repeatedly convincing myself of non-worthy excuses. The first year was about not having enough money, the second year was not being well prepared, the third and the fourth year was a combination of both, but the last year, the last year became the change.

I woke up, and managed to ask myself who and what am I living for? After three years of working in a job I chased for a year’s worth of time, I quit, and bought a one way ticket to China. Although my desperate and quick decision was partly correct, it came with few mistakes that I learned on how to fix along the way. But along the way is exactly where you need to be, because you will not know until you start walking. Without the tools that this company provides, I wouldn’t have known what steps to take. If you’re worried about money, forget it. If you’re worried about time, forget it. If you’re worried about limited and scarce opportunities, forget it. Because the second that you arrive to China, or anywhere else for that matter, doors will begin to open as flowers tend to bloom from spring, to summer and fall.

Educational Institutions such as this provide tools that guide you and prepare you on every step of the way. What happens once your visa is approved, your flight tickets are booked, and everything else is prepared to go? You’ll be welcomed to the biggest change of your life. Social networking will become unique, and to some it will be a new experience. There will be many individuals who value you and find importance in knowing about you. The language barrier will be a challenge, but for those who enjoy an adventure, it’ll be a major learning curve along the way.

Once you’re teaching, you will learn much more then you thought you could. You will learn about culture, and understanding it. You will also learn about why most students make similar common mistakes. You will have students who will be seeing a foreigner for their first time in their lives; this is why, it is crucial for you to always show the best of you in front of any known or unknown individual. The impression that you leave behind, will be the impression to be used to represent you as one, and you as a whole; your country, your race, your language, your city, etc.

Personally, I strongly believe that you have everything to gain and almost nothing to lose. No matter what the sacrifice is; saving up the money, leaving your family, relocating to a complete different place, traveling halfway around the world. This experience will make you, it will enhance you, it’ll better your skills and it’ll better you as a person. SO STOP PROCRASTINATING! AND JUST DO IT! And I can guarantee you; it’ll be the greatest decision of your life.

Positive experience
I’ve been working with WWA for 2 years now. They helped me to find a work place for Work&Travel program for the summer 2012 and currently assisting me with an Internship enrollment. I spent 3 months in Colorado on a perfect ranch working at the hotel. I’m very satisfied with WWA work; they not only consider student’s preferences but also help them through the whole process. I would highly recommend them as a student counselor.
Awesome summer break!
Hello, my name is Natalie. I am from Russia; I just came back from the USA. I would like to thank WWA for the job placement they provided. My summer break was awesome!) I worked in Maine in the little town. I enjoyed it so much! WWA was really supportive during the whole time I was working and traveling in America. Thanks for the help! I am planning to go to America for the next summer 2014 again with your assistance, Thank you!
Adventure with WWA!

When you make up your mind to participate in Work and Travel program, finding a good job offer is one of the most important problems you face. You have several options: either to contact some employers directly, or try to find former participants who can advise you some good place. Also you can use help of a professional agency. Honestly, I tried looking for those who had worked in the US before but I couldn’t get any decent advice. I won`t repeat you the whole boring story but eventually I found the best possible option, I came across with WWA.


I was lucky because they offered a wide range of jobs in various states. It was important for me to go somewhere «off the beaten path”, to be able to speak English. I wanted to experience real American lifestyle, not just life on the coast with a swarm of Russian students everywhere. For that reason I have chosen WWA, and I was right.

I could get help, advice and support from WWA any time I wanted. I am really grateful for this amazing experience. They say that if you go to the US, you will come back a different person, more mature and more experienced. That is true. I would just add that you`ll definitely be more inspired and ready to discover the whole world. That`s what I am going to do and I am already planning some future adventures. Now I know that WWA can help me to organize a trip of a lifetime!!!

Not alone
I really liked to work together with WWA. I spent last summer in the USA as an exchange student. I was asking a lot of questions and they always helped me. When I was in the States, I had a skype talks with one of the their staff members. There is no doubts they will be help you any time you need something and it is really important, when you are alone in a strange country. =)
Never be afraid to try something new!

Hello everybody! I went to the USA in 2012 with the help of WWA agency. I was really happy to work with them, because they picked up the right job that fit all my requirements! They always called me to check, how I was doing at my work place.


I spent my summer in South Dakota, Pierre. I lived there and worked at the restaurant where I felt like a part of the family. Of course, having worked there, I saved some money for travelling. This was the fun part. I went to see Rushmore, and actually all places around South Dakota, then I went to Chicago – Windy City ^__^. Then Boston – the most European city in America. I had a childhood dream to visit Salem – Witch City, it was about two hours from Boston, so my dream came true! And, of course, journey to New York City completed my American dream =)

What can be better than a summer full of new emotions? If you have a dream to travel, WWA agency will help your dream to come true.

Land of dream!
Hi everybody! My name is Alex. I worked in Australia for 1 year. It was a great experience for me. I met new friends, understood Australian culture and saw one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Australia is a “land of dream” for many people. I know, how hard it is to get there, but trust me, it is possible. I strongly recommend WWA company. Safety and good services are very important during your trips, that is why I have choosen this company to support me.
Saint Petersburg
An American dream!

I have always had an «American dream» in my mind. I pictured myself walking around NYC , sunbathing on the sunny beaches of Miami, spending my time staring at the ocean. The idea of going to the USA seemed scary and even crazy to me. That was a tough decision because I didn`t know how to find a suitable job and accommodation was a challenge, I couldn`t choose the state where to spend my summer. I had a lot of questions which made me hesitate. Luckily, I came across with WWA.


I discussed everything with them, expressed my fears and doubts and thanks to their help I decided to participate in Work and Travel Program. If I had a chance to turn the clock back, I would never change what I have done. This trip turned out to be unforgettable life experience. I came back home more mature, I had a chance to meet incredible people, I was completely overwhelmed by all emotions you might have by being in a foreign country out of your comfort zone.

All my dreams came true!!! There is a saying: If you can dream it, you can make. I made it! Thanks a lot to WWA for their support!

Saint Petersburg
Great Summer!
WWA assisted me with obtaining summer job when I was planning to go to the USA in 2012. In the beginning I was trying to find a suitable placement on my own or by contacting those who has been in America before and participated in similar programs. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what would be best way to get a perfect summer work until I came across with WWA. They spoke with me a few time over the skype and not only tried to provide the best Job, but also shared much more useful information about traveling in America. I spent 4 months in the States working in suburbs of Washington DC. I highly recommend contacting WWA if you wish to work and travel overseas. Thanks a lot for making my dreams come true!