Teach English in Cambodia
Public and private school
different locations
1000-1600 USD / Month

A warm climate, the opportunity to work with a diverse group of colleagues and the ease of travel to neighbouring countries offering endless adventure and new experiences, all add to make Cambodia a highly attractive workplace for a growing number of the world’s teaching community. Cambodia can open many doors and offer lifelong career opportunities to dedicated and dynamic educators. There are numerous international schools in Cambodia searching for qualified teachers from around the world.


● University degree (BA, English major preferred) relating to education or/and the subject you will teach

● At least three years of teaching experience

● Willingness to further own career by participating in workshops provided by the School

● Flexibility when it comes a schedule which could change and require

● TESOL, CELTA (CELTYL) and TEFL qualifications are beneficial

● Criminal Record check from home country

A candidate we would consider employing should be:

● A creative, easy-going and open minded individual

● Flexible and able to adapt and thrive in a different culture

● Someone who enjoys new challenges.

● A team player who enjoys sharing and collaborating with colleagues

● Energetic, hard-working and responsible when it comes to the education and general care of our students

What we offer:

● Business visa-on-arrival is available at Phnom Penh airport which can be extended in Cambodia

● Some schools provide accommodation allowance depending on the contract

● Generally working hours 7:30 - 16:30

● Salary depends on qualifications and experience range from 1000 USD to 1600 USD per month

● Amazing and fun activities for everyone to enjoy

● We will arrange transportation from the airport when you first arrive in Cambodia

On your arrival in Cambodia you will be looked after by our friendly team

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Количество вакантных позиций 10
Даты трудоустройства year round
Часов в неделю 35-40
Жилье (стоимость, если не предоставляется) accommodation is arranged
Трудоустройство Full Time
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